Products from the Environment.....
                     ..... for the Environment

Rainier Wood Recyclers plays an important role in supporting the environment of the Pacific Northwest by recycling nearly two million pounds of fiber every business day.

We transform urban wood residuals and landclearing debris into valuable resources. Our processed mulch and landscape products are among the best available and come from nature with no added colors.

Our secondary wood fiber products are also used to replace virgin fossil fuels for energy recovery and replace virgin wood fiber for pulp and paper.

The Rainier Mulch products are made from all natural wood residues, such as stumps and brush recovered from land clearing projects and other landscaping activities. Our feedstocks are carefully selected to produce mulches with their own color and character that look great in all types of Pacific Northwest landscapes.

We also carry other landscape products:

Coarse #1 Unscreened
Coarse #1 Screened
Medium Brown #2

Medium Brown #2
Medium Red #2 (douglas fir)
Fine Black (dark fine)
Fine Red (douglas fir)

Bark Products:
Fine Beauty Bark
Medium Beauty Bark
Small Bark Nuggets

Play Chips:
Cedar Play Chips