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Hog Fuel For Energy Recovery

"Biomass for energy makes a major contribution to climate protection and resource conservation."
2006, World Wildlife Fund -

Facts about biomass combustion and energy recovery

  • Wood debris now recovered for use as biomass fuels in modern energy plants, are materials that have historically been land filled or burned in open piles on-site.

  • Recovered wood fuel products replace non-renewable fossil fuels such as oil or natural gas at the industrial energy facilities that use them.

  • Wood is a renewable resource, trees absorb carbon dioxide during growth and emit it during combustion, thereby recycling atmospheric carbon rather adding new greenhouse gases to our environment.

  • All biomass combustion facilities in the United States today must meet strict environmental standards by carefully controlling air emissions and removing pollutants.

  • Most industrial hog fuel users operate cogeneration facilities that produce heat or steam for internal energy needs as well as electricity that in many cases is supplied back onto the regional power grid.

  • Each ton of urban wood debris used as hog fuel produces approximately 10.4 million Btu's of energy - that's the equivalent of nearly two barrels of oil and over 3 Megawatts of electricity - enough to power the average U.S. household for nearly 4 months.

At Rainier Wood Recyclers, we are committed to maximizing the benefits of recycling for the community and the environment. While the biomass energy markets have driven the development of today's wood recycling industry, we are constantly working to develop new markets and maximize the value-added in our recycling process. We have supplied carefully processed wood inputs for pulp and paper production, manufacturing of composite building materials, and several other applications.

Rainier Wood Recyclers is a major supplier of hog fuel in Washington State. We produce high quality hog fuel from urban wood debris. Additionally, our mobile processing operations, using unique grinding equipment and highly trained operators can produce high quality hog fuel from land clearing debris.

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